Turkish Meeting


Turkish Meeting was organised by - Mersinli Mesleki ve Tekbik Anadolu Lisesi  in İzmir, Turkiye, named “Mersinli Vocational High School” . The context of the project is mainly on the Turkish Language Teaching with Suggesopedia Methodology and the Cultural activities. 5 Teachers, 23 students took part from the Host School. 12 Teachers and 23 students participated from the partner schools.

The Activites in the project are listed below:


Turkish  Peer-Teaching 


In 10 Hours Language Course, pupils learned Turkish Language with Suggestopedia Methodology with the guidance of ELT Sinan ZORLU , Turkish Lang Teacher Vahit AKÇAY  and Turkish Students. You can learn more about Suggestopedia on our project website

Download Turkish Course Booklet


As a Blended Learning Activity,  A Computer Game created  by Turkish Students and Teacher were played by the guest students. Game was created with Minecraft Education Edition. Game was created for the assessment of the Turkish Course and played by many students. Students answered the questions in the game and passed the levels.  

Download the Game

Sightseeing in İzmir

 Remainings of the Ancient Agora in the city center was visited by the teachers and the students in the project. İzmir agora is located on the northern slope of Pagos (Kadifekale), where the ancient city of Smyrna was relocated in the 4th century BC . This building, surrounded by important public buildings of the period, is the state agora of the city.

Sightseeging tour was organised by the support of Metropolitan  Municipality of Izmır. 


Trip to Ancient City Ephesus- Virgin Mary House- Sirince Village


Now located several kilometres inland from the Aegean coast of Turkey, Ephesus was a thriving harbour city in the Roman period, and a capital of the wealthy province of Asia Minor. The city’s remains today provide a remarkably intact Roman townscape whose main street follows an earlier processional way connecting major architectural monuments such as the Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre as well as an excavated residential complex of houses with murals and mosaics. Harbour remains demonstrate the constant shifting of the port from east to west as it gradually silted up.

Şirince  is a village of 600 inhabitants in İzmir Province, Turkey, located about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) east of the town Selçuk and about 8 kilometres from Ephesus. The area around the village has history dating back to Hellenistic period (323–31 BC). Pottery finds made around the village between 2001 and 2002 by Ersoy and Gurler indicate the presence of seven villages and nine farmsteads in the area dating back to ancient and medieval times. On the road up you will see the remains of several Roman aqueducts as the village was an important water source for ancient Ephesus. Today the village prospers through agriculture (olive oil, peaches, wine) and tourism. It is well protected and a rare and attractive example of Ottoman Christian architecture.

Language Course (Seminar) for English Language Teachers in Konak District

In cooperation with the District Directorate of Education in Konak İzmir, a demonstration activity of Using Suggestopedia for Teaching  Foreign Language   was organised in the hosting school. Activity was announced on the Social Media Accounts of District Directorate of Education and more than 40 teachers applied for the course and 10 of them from different schools were selected.

Using Suggestopedia in Language Teaching was demonstrated by Stavriana Soubassi (Coordinator of the Projects - English Language Teacher) who is the specialist in Suggestopedia. Italian language was taught by Stavriana Soubassi  using Suggestopedia with lots of interactions, dramas, materials and costumes. By this activity, awareness of Using Suggestopedia for Language Teaching was increased. Our project was also demonstrated to the attendees. 

Visit to the District Directotare of Education in Konak İzmir

The Teachers and the Students in the project visited the District Directorate of Education in Konak and  teachers were welcomed by the Assistant Director  Filiz TÜRKMENOĞLU.  On behalf of District Director of National Education she wished success for the project. 


Meeting evaluation (parallel workshops for students and teachers) Teachers' meeting (Mobility Tool, TwinSpace etc.)

 While students and teachers are visiting the Museum Coordinator Teachers had a meeting for evaluating the activities and planning the next meeting orders. All students and teachers also filled the evaluation forms to determine the efficiency of the activities.