Czech Meeting


Czech Meeting was organised by Gymnazium, Celakovice. The context of the project is mainly on the Czech Language Teaching with Suggestopedia Methodology and the Cultural activities. 3 Teachers, 24 students took part from the Host School. 12 Teachers and 24 students participated from the partner schools.

The Activites in the project are listed below:


Czech  Peer-Teaching 


The activity aimed at the peer-teaching of the Czech language by the Czech students to the students from the partner schools. The methodology used was Suggestopaedia, an innovative approach to experiential accelerative learning which orchestrates linguistic and artistic stimuli and accommodates them within a scenario of real-life communication in the foreign language. 

In preparation for the peer-teaching, there were two students appointed to be the main peer teachers and as there were to be 6 mixed groups of international students, there were 12 Czech assistant peer teachers appointed, who would help with tasks and activities within the groups. Other students would be helping with the organization and class activities.


All peer teachers were trained in Suggestopaedia by the English teacher at the hosting school. The English teacher in cooperation with students designed the syllabus and produced the materials resulting from the presentations of diverse aspects of Czech culture created in the previous school year by the same project participants for the purposes of the parallel eTwinning project “Culture Mirrors”.

The lessons followed the suggestopedic cycle of four stages: Introduction, Session, Elaboration and Production. 

During the introduction, the peer teachers engaged the learners in conversation modelling out ways of performing everyday communication tasks in the Czech language and the foreign students actively participated in repeating Czech words and phrases. 

At the session, they recited a libretto in Czech and English to the background of classical music. 

During the elaboration, the learners read from the libretto in a communicative way practicing the language with didactic games, poems and songs.

At the production, they role-played interviews using common Czech phrases, prepared a family role play and answered a questionnaire in Czech.


Kahoot Games

Kahoot Game 1
Kahoot Game 2
Kahoot Game 3
Download Czech Language Course

Visit of the Mayor and Town Hall

The teachers were greeted by the mayor at the town hall.

Loučeň catle - quided tour and Christmas decoration workshop 

Teachers and students had a meeting with the local authorities at Palazzo Frizzoni. History of the Building was informed by the local authories and Italian students translated it into english. In the City Council Hall a brief information about the functioning of the council was given. The importance of the Democracy and the European Core Values were emphesized by the local authorities.


Jewish Museum in old Prague (Old and New synagogue. Jewish cemetery - a quided tou A walk around the historical centre of Praque

the Czech team prepared a tour around the historical center of Prague, shared the history of Jewish community in the Czech Republic during the visit of Jewish Museum and old synagogues .Prague is a city full of historical places and picturesque views. Thus, the students and teachers spent two afternoons in the capital. First, they were shown around the old Jewish part of Prague (the Old and New synagogues, the Jewish cemetery) and the historical Prague; they also took a photo of the famous Lennon Wall. During the second visit, they got to know some secrets and facts about the city during a guided tour in the city centre. This included the visit of Prague Christmas markets.


Praque quided tour


sightseeing to search for secrets of Praque and get to know some facts


Historical town of Kutná Hora

The students and teachers spent the whole day in the medieval town of Kutná Hora. They visited the Italian Court (Vlašský Dvůr) Museum (silver mining and coin stamping) and  Saint Barbara´s Cathedral.



Meeting evaluation (parallel workshops for students and teachers) Teachers' meeting (Mobility Tool, TwinSpace etc.)


After the visit of Kutná Hora, the whole group had fun at the official closing buffet dinner at the Zeleneč hotel; the typical Czech cuisine and music by school bands.

The last day of the meeting was focused on the meeting evaluation. The students and teachers visiting Gymnázium Čelákovice participated in a farewell activity: printing their hands on the International Cooperation Wall in Gymnázium Čelákovice.