Evaluations of the Lithuania Meeting

According to the students’ evaluation form, 82,5% of participants found the peer-teaching activity very successful while 17,5% found it satisfactory. Almost all of the participants found the sightseeing and the socialisation activities relevant and successful. The practical arrangements were found very good by 65% of participants. Specifically, 65% stated that the meeting further enhanced their European identity, 70% - cooperation skills in international teams and 77,5%- communicative competence in English. Over 60% developed a deeper appreciation for the European and their own cultural heritage as well as creativity. Over 57% mentioned a boost in their communication competence in the Lithuanian language.

The teachers felt that the meeting was effectively organized and aligned with the aims and objectives of the project.  The teachers agreed that the meeting provided a deep insight into the culture and the nature of the country.  Everyone was satisfied with the sightseeing and socialization activities, appreciated that cultural activities were associated with the language teaching lesson content. Participants were satisfied with practical arrangements and international cooperation.