Evaluations of the Turkey Meeting


 According to the students’ evaluation form, 79,1 % of participants found the peer-teaching activity very successful while 8,3% found it satisfactory.

Almost all of the participants found the sightseeing and the socialisation activities relevant and successful.

The practical arrangements were found very good by 83% of participants. 70% of participants developed their communication skills. 64.7% of participants learned more about Turkish Culture. The songs were found more effective by 70% of participants.62.5 % of participant declared that this meeting enhancehed Communicative competence in English.

Teachers felt the activities were very interesting, well designed and involving. The meeting proved to be based on a well organized team work. There was  a well balanced cooperation among the teachers and the headmaster. Also the Turkish students were very well trained and welcoming. As for the international cooperaiion.The partners got on very well throughout the whole period.. Teachers  easily found agreement and enjoyed the time we shared together.. All teachers gave their personal contribution, therefore teachers did not face any problems. Learning activities, social moments and outings have been highly appreciated The accommodation was perfect as well as the catering The safety was garanteed.Teachers looked after partners' students very carefully all the time.