Lithuanian Meeting


Lithuanian Meeting was organised in 01/05 May 2023 at Vilniaus Zveryno gimnazija Lithuania. The context of the project is mainly on Lithuanian Language Teaching with Suggesopedia Methodology and the Cultural activities. 7 Teachers, 23 students took part from the Host School. 11 Teachers and 21 students participated from the partner schools.

The Activites in the project are listed below:



Lithuanian Peer-Teaching 


In 10 Hours Language Course, pupils learned Italian Language with Suggestopedia Methodology with the guidance of ELT Aušra Kruopienė  and Lithuanian Students. You can download the documents of the training course document.

Our activities aimed at a peer-teaching of Lithuanian to the students from the partner schools. The methodology used was based on Suggestopaedia. In preparation for the peer-teaching, the Lithuanian school students were divided into teams of peer-teachers, assistant teachers and tech supporters. The peer teachers were trained in Suggestopaedia by the English teachers at the hosting school and by the project coordinator online. The assistant teachers cooperating with teachers of the English and Lithuanian languages, designed the syllabus and produced the materials drawing from the parallel eTwinning project “Culture Mirrors”. (                               

The lessons followed the suggestopedic guidelines of four stages: Introduction, Musical Session, Elaboration and Production. During the introduction, the peer teachers engaged the learners in conversation, modelling out ways of performing everyday communication tasks in Lithuanian. During the Musical Session, the students were immersed in the natural flow of the language while listening to peer teachers read the Lithuanian libretto accompanied by classical music. During the elaboration, the learners were offered a textbook with the basics of the Lithuanian language as well as a workbook. The language functions were taught in a communicative way enriched with interactive games, didactic and authentic songs and dances. At the production, they role-played a casting interview and answered a questionnaire in Lithuanian .

For the peer teaching activity we created a suggestopedic textbook, a workbook, posters, handouts, didactic songs and games, a slide presentation, digital games, a language test, a treasure-hunt game and evaluation tools. 

Other project activities contributed to the peer teaching.

During Vilnius city tour the participants visited the landmarks of the old town, listened to the legends told by students-guides and learnt some basic Lithuanian phrases.

The participants watched the folk group “Dolija” play traditional instruments, perform traditional songs and dances and tried everything themselves.

Download Lithuanian Course Booklet


1st elaboration

Traditional Dance and Music 

Vilnius city sightseeing tour 

Teachers and students had a trip in Vilnius. Host School Students presented historical places in the city.

Visit of Trakai 

There was also organized a visit to Trakai – the old capital of Lithuania with a treasure-hunt in the castle and a chance to try traditional Karaite dish - kibinai. 


VR film (Trail of Angels)

A virtual reality film “Trail of Angels” provided the guests with the opportunity to experience the paintings and the music created by the artist, composer, and pioneer of abstract art Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis.


Educational program in the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania 


 During the visit to the “Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania” the guests had a guided tour and a brief introduction to the history of Lithuania as well as a short concert of “kanklės” (traditional instrument).

Sightseeing in Anykiiiai

A day trip to the resort town Anykščiai offered an opportunity to admire the nature, visit ethnographic “Horse museum”, participate in a traditional bread making workshop and have a lovely walk at the archaeological site of the ancient capital Kernavė.

Summer sledge activity

Traditional bread baking



Certification Ceremony

During the closure of the meeting students from the host school performed in the concert, all the participants sang and danced in a school party, tried specialties in the multicultural buffet.


Meeting evaluation (parallel workshops for students and teachers) Teachers' meeting (Mobility Tool, TwinSpace etc.)


Multicultural buffet and ceremony of delivery of the certificates, Peer teaching through sports activities.

How did the participation in this activity benefit the involved participants?

According to the students’ evaluation form, 82,5% of participants found the peer-teaching activity very successful while 17,5% found it satisfactory. Almost all of the participants found the sightseeing and the socialisation activities relevant and successful. The practical arrangements were found very good by 65% of participants. Specifically, 65% stated that the meeting further enhanced their European identity, 70% - cooperation skills in international teams and 77,5%- communicative competence in English. Over 60% developed a deeper appreciation for the European and their own cultural heritage as well as creativity. Over 57% mentioned a boost in their communication competence in the Lithuanian language.

The teachers felt that the meeting was effectively organized and aligned with the aims and objectives of the project.  The teachers agreed that the meeting provided a deep insight into the culture and the nature of the country.  Everyone was satisfied with the sightseeing and socialization activities, appreciated that cultural activities were associated with the language teaching lesson content. Participants were satisfied with practical arrangements and international cooperation.