Evaluations of the Italy Meeting


There were 22 visiting and 23 local participants. During the activity, the peer-teaching Italian lessons were observed by all the school classes at the hosting school in turns.
Across the schools all English classes got involved in the preparation for this meeting on CULTURE MIRRORS including the principal, teachers , accountants. Our teachers partners were offered opportunities for job shadowing classes according to their own interests and qualifications.

According to the students’ evaluation form, the participants found the peer-teaching activity successful and satisfactory. Almost everybody found the sightseeing and the socialisation activities very relevant and successful. The practical arrangements were found good by 22 students out of 31 . Participants stated that the meeting further enhanced their European identity, cooperation skills and communicative competence in English, they developed a deeper appreciation for the European and their own cultural heritage as well as active citizenship. Both the peer-teachers and peer-learners improved their self-confidence, cooperation and communication skills, as well as their cultural and intercultural awareness.

The accompanying teachers found the meeting well-organised, relevant to the project aims and objectives and appreciated the preparatory activities carried out online in the previous school year that familiarized them with Suggestopaedia in its application for peer language teaching via culture. They agreed that this meeting was successful in presenting the Italian culture, thus promoting intercultural exchange and plurilingualism. Everyone enjoyed the sightseeing and socialisation activities.