The role of SUGGESTION in teaching

Suggestion is also a powerful factor in communication which has the capacity to activate the untapped reserves of each individual which have been inhibited by negative suggestions in the past.

In fact, Lozanov maintains that “a suggestopaedic teacher spends most of the time de-suggesting the students, i.e., freeing them from any non-facilitating influences from their past. From birth on we are influenced by parents, friends, teachers, society, the media, the weather, the food we eat and the political environment in which we live”.

Being a psychiatrist and psychotherapist himself, Dr Lozanov was often confronted with neuroses and other conditions that were related to school stress and the sense of failure and aimlessness created by poor expectations that teachers may have of their pupils. He described such disorders as 'didactogenic diseases' and aspired to heal them by offering learners a non-threatening learning environment replacing all negative suggestions with positive ones.