A Demo Suggestopedic German lesson (all cycles)

A demo suggestopedic German lesson (all cycles)

Click here to watch a video of a demo suggestopedic lesson of German to beginners. There are four distinct stages in a full suggestopedic cycle: 1. the Introduction of the new material ( watch video from 0:00'' to 50:30'') during which the teacher uses drama and a variety of visual prompts and props to engage the beginner learners in a convesation in the new language using for the first time the items to be explained later.   2. the Concert or "Recital and Session" (watch video from 50:30'' to 1:17:40'') during which the teacher recites a dramatic dialogue from the suggestopedic textbook with the learners following in their copies with classical music in the background for concentrative psychorelaxation which fosters the analysis of the material they have just been exposed to at the first stage. Afterwards, the teacher encourages the learners to daydream and changes the music to preclassical (baroque) to read the same text again at a normal speaking tempo to allow the learners assimilate and synthesize the material, storing it, thus, in their long-term memory. 3. the Elaboration of the new material (watch video from 1:17:45'' to 2:06:35'') during which the learners become more active and involved in the communicative reading of the same dialogue asking each other and answering for themselves. The conversational reading is interrupted to play didactic games and sing didactic songs so as to practise the basic structures learnt so far in a multi-sensory way. 4. the Assessment of what has been acquired (watch from 2:06:36'' to 2:24:20'') during which the learners role-play a job interview and introduce themselves and their mates answering a set of questions about their family, interests, studies, personality etc and using the vocabulary and structures learnt at the previous stages in a natural way.