Outcomes of Suggestopedia

Outcomes of Suggestopedia

Suggestopaedic foreign language courses – expected results

  1. In one month, 80 - 100 teaching periods, WITHOUT HOMEWORK, learners have assimilated more than 2,000 new words and the basic grammar of the language. They can speak with some mistakes which do not affect communication. They can read and understand the most important information in the foreign language.

Beginners understand an average of about 90 % of the material taught and are able to speak actively about 65% of all the material taught. With advanced students the results are correspondingly higher.

The first level foreign language suggestopedic course corresponds to B1 level according to the CEF (Common European Framework) for Languages and the second level to C1 or C2. 

  1. Their motivation and desire to continue their studies increases considerably - especially if this could be done with the original suggestopaedic method.
  2. They want to recommend these courses to their relatives and friends.
  3. They do not feel tired but - on the contrary- have a sense of enjoyment and relaxation despite the relative large amount of material.
  4. They have been cured spontaneously of or have recovered considerably from some neurotic and psychosomatic symptoms.
  5. They have improved their inner equilibrium and more easily cope with their personal problems in life which are connected with conflicts, stress and tension.
  6. During and after the course their memory has improved considerably.
  7. Their creativity is enhanced.